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I'm Tamara and I have been obsessing about starting a home remodeling blog the last two years. I love blogs and get so much inspiration from them. I'm super amazed how I can get endless ideas without having to buy magazines ... though I still buy magazines. I just can't look at enough home design and home styling!

My family has completed three project homes and this 1970s fixer is our fourth (and maybe the last?! It's been a doozy!) I have the best family memories of our other project homes and actually love the process .. even though at times it's stressful.  

You'll notice a some posts starting in 2015 because I started and stopped this blog a few times -- eeeeeks.  I'm trying to focus on things I love doing in my spare time so I started this back up at the beginning of the school year.  New beginnings, right?!?  

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