Hi! I’m Tamara Martinez. I'm married to my talented contractor husband, Rick, and am a proud career mom to five boys. My favorite go-to restaurants are usually not fancy, super laid back BUT with excellent food. I'm also known to enjoy a classic Bloody Mary now and again...extra olives, no salt please! 

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I’ve spent 20 years building a successful business career without a college degree. (YES! It is SO possible and I want to share some tips with YOU!)

I was raised all over the world, including a junior high stint in Italy. I've been calling California home since 1998.

We own a 1970s California-style fixer  smack dab in the middle of California. This house is very much what you would call a passion project ... 

In fact, we've spent the better part of our married life with construction projects underway. 

A little more .... 

4 out of our 5 kids are grown and on their own. Our youngest is 15, and I have more free time than ever!

I’m so not a perfectionist! As you follow along, you’re going to see plugs without covers, etc. I’m more of a stretch-goal kinda person ... meaning, I give myself goals that are probably a little out of my reach but LOVE seeing how close I can get to them … even if the result isn’t perfect … and let’s face it, they rarely are … but I feel pretty satisfied with getting close!

We've completed 4 project homes together as a family. We love to refer to them as their street names: Locust Ravine (complete remodel), Calistoga (owner/builder), Ensley (complete remodel) and now Dos Rios (complete remodel underway)... 

I have a strong vision for our current home: a California Casual vibe inside and out. I'm not a designer or decorator but fixing up my home is my number 1 passion. Fingers crossed that I can pull off the Cali-vibe. There will be lots and lots of trial and error .. but hey, that's my specialty! Everything I’ve ever learned and accomplished has been by trial and error ... so here we go ... 

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