iPhone Photography for Instagram 


Edited with A Color Story App

This pic is my first Instagram pic that received real engagement. It was taken with my iPhone using Camera+ and edited with A Color Story App

Want to learn how to take and edit Instagram-quality photos with your iPhone? Read on as I share my journey of trying to master DSLR and then deciding, quite happily, on a better choice for me: my iPhone as my sole source for Instagram photos (I know it's a big no-no but it was holding me back! Maybe my lead-in question should be " . . . edit Instagram-ish-quality photos?)

Important Note: If you want to have the best possible photos for posting to the web then you owe it to yourself to explore the DSLR option, which is used by professional photographers and many professional bloggers. If you have explored this option and find the learning curve too steep for now then rejoice, there are other options out there! 

I took an unsatisfying journey into the land of DSLR photography: purchased a nearly new quality DSLR camera, bought a professional tripod, subscribed to professional editing software, took a photography course and went to a blogging convention where the message was post quality pictures if you want engagement on your social media posts. I was serious about learning how to take great photos. I'm also a mother, a wife, a full-time employee, daughter, aunt, friend ... you get the picture.  I realized that there was no way I was going to live my blogging dream if I was trying to spend my precious "spare" time adjusting f-stops and editing pictures with professional software that has a true learning curve (for me, at least). 

Enter my solution to producing quality photos with my iPhone:  Use Cameras+ app to take my photo and the A Color Story app to edit the photos -- all from my iPhone. 

I started posting to Instagram three months ago found myself getting a lot of questions regarding photo quality. I am the last person anyone would turn to for photography advice but thought my trial & error experience could be helpful for anyone out there in the same situation as me: someone who wants to take the absolute best photos with an iPhone.  

iPhone Photography Tips: 

  • Read everything you can get your hands on about photography (even DSLR) watch you-tube videos -- educate yourself! There is a major learning curve to photography -- some people will be more talented with it than others. Give yourself an edge by educating yourself as much as possible. 
  • Practice taking lots of photos on your iPhone! Take them at different times of the day, play with the built-in features on your iPhone. You can delete your practice photos when you're doing something mundane like waiting in line at the DMV. 
  • I like my photos best when I use the Camera+ app to take the actual photos. The most recent iPhone camera features are very advanced, but I still like Camera+.
  • Editing is a MUST. I can rarely take a photo that won't benefit from editing. My favorite editing app is A Color Story. Fun fact: this app was named the best new app by Apple in 2017!  And rightfully so! 
  • Use the iPhone portrait mode to take pics of things, not just people.  The portrait mode will produce an advanced photography technique for home interiors, plants, any object really.  It rocks! 
  • The cost for A Color Story app is initially free and gets you some starter filters and features. From there, you can add the filter packages like Flashes of Delight and Candy Minimal. I've spent about $20 for filters and have found it well worth the investment. 
  • The cost for Camera+ is also minimal, just $2.99 for iPhone. As mentioned above, I really like to use Camera+ especially for adjusting natural light exposure, the stabilizer and the shooting modes. I feel it takes the iPhone camera features up to another level with one exception: the iPhone portrait mode as also mentioned above. 
  • With the A Color Story app, you can drop in a photo and quickly try various filter options within seconds/minutes. You can even save filter techniques to maintain a uniform look on your Instagram account.  
  • Lastly, don't over-edit your photo.  I may be guilty of this from time to time. Strive to have it look natural. Use the filters to bring out the best in your photo ... or go ahead and use that disco ball effect for a fun photo effect! 

Check out the Instagram account page for A Color Story app, it's truly amazing what this powerful app can do!