2018 Fall One Room Challenge - Week 2

I’m a very deadline driven person. At work, I usually have no problem doing things I’m obligated to do. I do my work tasks with vigor. My work reviews are usually excellent, and my bosses always know they can trust and count on me.

Cool; right?

The catch??? I fall short when it comes to ME. I’m pretty horrible at sticking to things that affect me personally. If it’s for other people, sure no problem, I got it .. but me . errrrr .. that’s another story altogether.

So it’s no surprise that I’m lagging on getting started on the 2018 Fall One Room Challenge. This little project of mine, is for me .. sure everyone who eats dinner in the dining room will get to experience the space .. but let’s face it, not too many people really care about it like I do.

Putting it out there in the inter-web gives me a little more skin in the game … I’m creating a faux-deadline for myself. Really, no one will be affected if I don’t follow through (except me).

So this post is just a little psychology behind why I haven’t started yet. Haha.


To recap, my project is a California Casual Dining Update with a Scandi-Flair.


  • Color Block Wall: This is the main part of my project! I’m getting rid of the dark wall and replacing it with what is (I hope) a sophisticated, yet casual neutral-toned scandi-inspired geo patterned wall. The pattern will make its way in some form or fashion around the entire room. My hope is that the geometric pattern will tie together with the 1970s angled walls in the other parts of the house.

  • Modern White Chairs: I’m keeping the head-of-the table-chairs with my Comfort Works teal slipcovers and adding two modern white chairs. I love wood + white together, and combining it with a little teal/blue is my sweet spot.

  • Brass Chandelier: I’m working with MP Design Shop (see my kitchen pendants!) on a fixture for the space. I love their work and I’m so excited about getting a new fixture!

  • Window treatments: When I said this used to be a sunroom, that’s no joke. This room gets hotter than-you-know-what.

  • Rug under the existing table

  • California-inspired art

  • Wish Item: THRIFTED BUFFET. I’m hoping, but not promising, that I can find a good thrifted buffet to DIY. Paint will be involved so it doesn’t matter what color it is. I just need to find one!

I’m in awe of the color blocking results and I can’t wait to get started. First steps??? Primer’g the heck out of the dark wall. Something tells me it’s going to need a few coats …

I’ll be back to report on my progress next week! In the meantime, check out the featured ORC challengers. They’re an amazing group! And if you want more, Better Homes and Gardens is this year’s sponsor. Read about their involement here. Last but not least, the Home Love Network is featuring challengers throughout the event.

More to come next week! (I HOPE!)