One Room Challenge - Week #2 Progress

We made it through Week 2 of the Spring One Room Challenge but in all actuality it's not like I busted tail on my project, it was primarily planning and ordering materials. And to be honest, I was going to "Make It Through Week 1" because time just kept on tickin' ticking' . . . not because I did anything epic.  I did, however, get a commitment from my husband to help me build the library shelves and that my friends is a MAJOR WIN. I'll take that as my Week #1 Accomplishment. And a relief because I hadn't had that one figured out. 

In all seriousness, I ordered my wall treatment and it is en route for a Monday delivery. I wanted to do wallpaper but my budget did not agree with me. I happily decided on a wall stencil from the Gypsy Mint Stencil Co.  The stencil I choose is the Dotty Parton which bears a slight geometrical resemblance to what you might be thinking about when thinking of Dolly Parton (Side note, she is one of my all time favorites .. Jolene is one of my favorite songs ever!)  I chose the Dotty Parton because of its strong bold pattern which will add color and flair without overpowering the room.   

My goal next week is to actually get my post in on Thursday (imagine that: the due date?!?).  Bonus, I already have more to share because I made some progress over the weekend, but in all fairness the weekend is Week #2 so I'll save the details for next week! 

I'm having so much fun getting to know some of the other One Room Challenge Guest Participants and also drooling over the main 20 Featured One Room Challenge Designers.   This is such an encouraging platform and I'm so happy I'm participating. 

Up Next Week

The plan for Week #3 is to get a start on both the wall treatment and library shelving. There is no way that I want to NOT be finished with the wall treatment by the time the custom library shelving is ready to be installed. Time to start hustling!