Week 3 has been like one of those It's Complicated relationships: Started out strong and then fizzled OUT!   

Rick totally outdid himself with the library shelving progress.  He was such a happy camper using his Festool power tools/guide. The shelving unit is built but needs to be painted, installed and trimmed out. I'm saving the full view until we do our reveal. I'll just say this, I was so happy with the shelving design that I might have cried a little.  

The low part of the week leads me to where I am now .. it's Thursday night, 11:45pm and I'm frantically trying to post my update by midnight PST.   The #ORC challenge has had to compete with my job, my mom stuff and just life in general.  However, on the bright side, I have a three-day weekend starting tomorrow and plan to make the very most of it. I can't waste any more time. 

Next Week

Next up is the wall treatment on the feature wall.  I did get the prep work done for the wall treatment by covering 1000's of nail holes and spackling, priming and painting.  Me and the Challenge are getting back together tomorrow just as soon as I drop off my kid at high school! 

Did I mention the wall treatment is applied on a wall that is at least 15 feet tall? I'm still working out  that detail. 

A huge thanks for checking in with me! It's so much fun to watch firsthand the progress of the other One Room Challenge Guest Participants as well as the 20 Featured One Room Challenge Designers.   Even though my time issues are killing me, I would wholeheartedly recommend this challenge as a way to get outside of the box and challenge yourself to something new!

Follow along with my progress this week with my Insta-Stories! 

Until next week!




We are using plywood to make the shelves.  It's inexpensive, easy to work with and sturdy.   

We are using plywood to make the shelves.  It's inexpensive, easy to work with and sturdy.