Geez-Louise, posting my ORC blog late is a reoccurring theme for me  :/   But it's not called "Challenge" for nothin'; right?!? 

Here's the deal, it's been crunch time at work and I'm working some major OT.  My ORC goal has been to create an open-air office/library and I'm still on track to complete it. 

I feel great about the progress; bummed about not meeting the blog post schedule but I can't have it all ... so they say! 

This week, I finished my Gypsy Mint Dotty Parton wall stencil which was kind of a major deal for me. 

I had to climb up on a beast of a ladder to reach the very top of our two-story wall; and I did see my life flash before my eyes a few times! But I'm still here intact, no broken bones!

Using Krylon Easy Tack reposition-able adhesive spray to adhere the stencil to the wall was a life saver. The stencil had this funky repeat lineup/repeat pattern which was the hardest part about the entire process. The actual coloring in of the stencil easy-peasy. I used a mini roller and built each coat up gradually. 

All-in-all, the entire stencil project was pretty much cathartic ... you know how it feels to clean the house?  It's not fun but that's when I do my best thinking. That's how I felt about this stencil project. 

Completed Tasks: 

  • Design Shelving Unit DONE
  • Build Shelving Unit DONE 
  • Stencil Wall Treatment DONE 


  • Paint Shelves 
  • Install Shelving Unit
  • Paint Interior Double-Decker Front Doors
  • Rug DIY
  • Style Office/Library 

My challenge is largely cosmetic, with the exception of the library shelving. I'm blown away by complexity of some of the projects of the 20 Featured One Room Challenge Designers.  and the 20 Featured One Room Challenge Designers.  I'm already getting ideas for what I want to do next!!!