2018 Spring One Room Challenge


Welcome to the start of the start of the 2018 Spring One Room Challenge! I'm feeling a little neurotic that I signed up to be a guest participant in my first ever One Room Challenge  ... there's nothing quite like adding more pressure to one's life; right?!?  It's not like I really have the time with my full-time planner/analyst job.  And let's be real, sometimes a "full-time" job is a full-time+++" if you routinely work more than 40 hours a week. But I know I'm in the same boat as so many of you; the life/work balance is HARD. And if it sounds like I'm complaining, I'm really not ... I love my life, my family and my career.  And I love this little creative outlet that I have of working on my home. And what a treat to be a guest participant.

About my project .... 

The entryway of our home opens up directly to a decent-sized open space. The space is clearly visible from several rooms like the kitchen and the formal dining room.  You even get a great bird's eye view of it from the top of the stairs. The room has been through Phase #1 of our renovation, it has new wood flooring and the walls are white.  

Now this is the weird part ... I want to make the room an office. I know! Offices are usually separate from the rest of the house and you can sometimes even close a door to hide the mess. My office is completely visible and THE focal point as you walk through the front doors: I want it to pop. My challenge is to turn this vanilla space into spumoni gelato with layers and layers of goodness. I am purposely picking a room that doesn't need a lot (or really any) demo. I'm on my own on this project and me-n-demo wouldn't make it past week 3. I do have an embarrassingly amount of nail holes to fix, but that doesn't really count as demo! 

Project Details:  (1) Add Wall Treatment (2) Install Built-in Shelving (3) Update Lighting  (4) Update Front Doors (fresh paint)

BUDGET:  $300


Office/Entry Before

Blank Canvas!!!

A little bit about our home .... 

We were super lucky to find our 1970s fixer 3 years ago. It had sat on the market for nearly a year. We're in California and real estate rarely sits for that long unless it's a real loser or overpriced ... check and check.  We negotiated like crazy to get it for dirt cheap. Check out our before photos here.  Three years later, we have made a ton of improvements with more to come.